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When fishing with NUAC, please observe the following protocol:


1.If using a club boat, please use the issued anti-viral wipes to thoroughly clean the oar handles. Maximum of 2 to a boat if from different households.

2.Follow good hand and cough/sneeze guidelines.

3.Do not share fishing equipment. Use your own net.

4.Observe recommended social distancing. Wear a face covering if this is not possible.

5.Self-isolate if symptoms appear. Do not fish if you are poorly or particularly vulnerable.


Please enjoy your fishing with us.



(NUAC Secretary)

Pink Salmon Guidelines


Although none have been reported in the Uist catchment area. The following information from the fisheries management board may be useful.


This is to let you know that we have updated our web page on Pink salmon, in anticipation of the potential for these fish to arrive again during 2021 – see Pink Salmon In Scotland.

The Fisheries Management Scotland guidance, which is linked to on the web page, has also been updated and you will see that a reporting app has been developed to allow any records of Pink salmon to be easily recorded, including the ability to record location and upload images. The app is compatible with PCs and mobile devices. Any reports we receive on Pink salmon incidences will be shared with the relevant DSFB/Trust.










Paypal membership payments are now active


Paypal membership payments are now active