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Date Location Time Official Remarks What Happened?
3rd March Lochs Ciste, Geireann & Skealter 1100-1500 Philip Harding Meet 1045 Unfortunately nothing much to report. Nice to be out again to wet a line and welcome the new season. The dram was appreciated on a bright cold day. There’s been plenty of water to let any kelts back
17th March Ard Heisker, Kyles, Horisary sea pools 1100-1500 Angus MacNab   Again a bright dry cold day. A fish of 2 1/2lb seen and a finnock caught and returned. Amazing thing was how much the pools had changed.
24th March Lochs Scarie, Feithean, Magarlan, Runavat 1100-1500 Steve Clarke Weigh in at church car park Nice Spring day with a few colder passing showers. The best fish kept and weighed was a beautifully spotted brownie of 1lb 5oz.
31st March Lochs Grogarry, Eaval 1100-1500 Alasdair MacLean   Although a number of fish were caught, all were returned safely and none weighed in. Nice touch this early in the season.
7th April Oban nam Fiadh 1100-1500 John Riley   Nice day, windless to begin with then a nice breeze. Some decent brownies around 3/4lb caught with a bonus seatrout at 1lb 8oz.
14th April Loch Strumore 1100-1500 Peter Murray Pollock Trophy Interesting outing with a fair selection of fish. Heaviest pollock was 3lb 2oz, Brown trout, several other pollock, saithe and finnock also caught.
21st April Loch Obisary 1100-1500 Philip Harding   Good outing although the wind from the south east wasn’t kind. Plenty of brownies caught all over this large loch with most 8 - 12oz.
28th April Tormasad Mhor & Beag 1110-1500 Angus MacNab   Fished in a chill wind it wasn’t surprising that things were fairly quiet. One angler had 2 nice brownies however at 15 oz and 1lb and a bit.
5th May Loch Sandary 1200-1600 Philip Harding v Ullapool and SUAC Disappointingly it wasn’t the best of days and despite a number of anglers out only one trout of 1lb 4oz was caught and released. Tea and sandwiches at the Westford were never more appreciated.
12th May Lochportain Lochs 1100-1600 Steve Clarke   We were plagued by a cloudless sky and chill wind. Unsurprisingly very little other than 2 small trout and 3 finnock were safely returned.
19th May Loch Bhrusda 1200-1600 Alasdair MacLean   Nothing weighed in today. Very little seen either but fish were risen to the dap and standard wet flies. Sadly, my final outing with the Club.
26th May 1st Leg Poachers Shield (North Uist) TBC Philip Harding Contact secretary
Claddach Lochs
Fishing’s strange. Today was fished in bright sunshine with a top temp of 24 degrees! Despite that a fair few fish were caught. We ran out winners by 4.5oz over SUAC with SAA another 5.5oz behind.
2nd June Locheport Lochs (North) 1200-1600 John Riley   Interesting outing starting with a boat trip over Locheport to lochs seldom fished. Despite the bright and hot conditions lots of handsome golden brownies up to 12oz were caught.
9th June NUAC V SUAC (South Uist) 1200-1600 Peter Murray Contact secretary
Benbecula Lochs
Difficult day with only a few fish caught.. Once again South Uist came out on top to record a total over the 2 legs of 63.5oz. On the plus side we were treated to tea and sandwiches at the Bistro. Many thanks to SUAC for their hospitality
16th June Loch a Bharp 1300-1700 Philip Harding   A challenging days fishing with only one fish recorded at 10 oz
22nd June Loch Hosta 1900-2300 Angus MacNab Solstice A well attended outing with near perfect conditions. Unfortunately someone forgot to tell the trout with only a couple being moved and nothing of any substance brought to the net.
30th June Loch an Duin 1300-1700 Steve Clarke   Only one hardy soul braved the scorching sun, but despite Pete s best efforts no trout were tempted.
7th July 2nd Leg Poachers Shield (Harris) All Day Philip Harding Contact secretary
Loch Langavat, Harris
A good day for SUAC who were well out in front on the day.
14th July South Baleshare sea pools 1245-1645 Alasdair MacLean   A difficult days fishing with winds in excess of 30 Mph. Not surprisingly no fish were weighed in despite the best efforts of the 5 hardy souls who turned out. Difficult fishing conditions reported by all clubs in Western Isles at the moment.
21st July North Baleshare tidal race 1800-2200 John Riley   In mist and rain,Al MacLeod caught and returned a finnock and Philip Harding lost a 2.5 lb sea trout at the net. Hopefully signs that fishing is improving. 
28th July Loch Paible 1530-1930 Peter Murray   No seatrout caught but a few decent fish seen. Thankfully plenty of Cuddies (coalfish) were more wiling to take the fly and provided some sport.
4th Aug Lochs Ciste & Geireann 0900-1300 Philip Harding   A few finnock and small brown trout caught and released. A large sea trout at about 5lb seen on Ciste. Only one Brown trout weighed in at 13 oz by Philip.
11th Aug Kirkibost sea pools 1200-1600 Angus MacNab   5 members in attendance. With Steve Clarke catching and releasing 2 finnock and a couple of fish moved but nothing weighed in.
25th Aug Geireann Mill sea pool 1200-1600 Alasdair MacLean   Huge numbers of sea trout and salmon making their presence felt at the beginning and end of the outing with a bit of a lull around slack tide.
However, they seemed almost entirely uninterested in what we were offering them.
Covered rises were met with zero response. Supposedly deadly Danish sea trout flies were just as ineffective as our trusty Hebridean stalwarts.
The fish definitely got bolder/more playful as they felt the incoming tide.
A few finnock in very good condition were landed and carefully returned. Also a few tiny cuddies.
The sole fish weighed in was a sea trout of 1lb 11.5oz with visible seal damage. Dave Ashton hooked it towards the end of the outing and regretted having left his net in the car. The fish took a Kate McLaren. Other successful flies were our faithful Orange Muddler and anything with blue in it eg Blue Zulu.
1st Sept Loch Vausary 1100-1500 Philip Harding NOTE CHANGE OF VENUE 7 members attended on a dry day with a light SW wind. Willie Marshall put in a surprise appearance. Numerous small, dark, aggressive trout were caught and released. No sign of elusive sea trout.
8th Sept Vallay sea pools 1100-1500 John Riley   On a perfect day for fishing. One good sea trout hooked but lost. Nothing weighed in.
15th Sept Loch Sandary 1400-1800 Peter Murray   Ally Campbell caught and returned two nice fish early on in the larger section but beyond that a few swirls at flies and one hooked and lost was all that happened. The wind was cold and the water was pretty high.
22nd Sept Carinish sea pools 1100-1500 Philip Harding   4 members in attendance but due to wind direction finding any fishable areas proved difficult. Pete Murray did however hook a decent fish of 2-3 lbs but it unfortunately slipped the hook.
29th Sept Loch an Fhaing Bhuidhe, Loch Toim 1300-1700 Angus MacNab   3 hard-bitten anglers braved squalls and near-horizontal rain. Despite the weather several nice fish caught.
6th Oct Oban Irpeig 1000-1400 Steve Clarke   4 anglers attended, with two finnock caught and returned.
13th Oct Loch Vausary 1200-1600 Alasdair MacLean   4 anglers attended but despite the near perfect conditions no sea trout showed.
20th Oct Loch Grogarry 0900-1300 John Riley   2 anglers attended . Nothing weighed in but one sizeable fish lost.
27th Oct Kirkibost sea pool & Loch Dusary 1330-1730 Peter Murray   5 anglers attended final outing of the season. One finnock returned and a decent sea trout est. 2.5 lb unfortunately lost.
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